“Hello my name is Hector Estrada I drive 2 1/2 hours twice a week for 8 months to see Dr. Martinez and if I lived further I would drive twice as long. My diagnosis is Antalgic contorting their bodies (this happens automatically or unconsciously) to get away from pain.

My job requires constant standing and aggressive motions. I’m grateful for Dr. Martinez attention and compassion for my condition that he has corrected. I now can work comfortably and get back to living!”

– Hector Estrada – Gurdon, Arkansas

“Hello, my name is Hanna Honey. I suffered from stomach problems, depression, and weight gain. Changed diet, cut out bothersome foods and started taking nutrition supplements. I feel way better and have more energy and am not depressed anymore. I’ve recently married!”

– Hanna Honey – Conway, Arkansas

“Hello my name is Lesley Curtis and I have severe whiplash. I have visited with 3 different chiropractors and Dr. Martinez is the only one that has given me relief and helped with my neck and back pain. I’m very grateful and remember you too can live a pain free life.”

– Lesley Curtis – Conway, Arkansas

“Hi my name is Felicita Varela. I drive 1 hour to see Dr. Martinez. I have seen several different doctors in Arkansas and none could help me with right arm and neck pain. I thank God for directing me to him. I suffered from decompression and severe migraines and he did acupuncture and nutrition for several sessions and my migraine is completely gone. Thank you all at Dr. Martinez Chiropractic care.”

– Felicita Varela

“Hi my name is Marta Melendex I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis for years and I have learned to live with the pain and I was referred to Dr. Martinez by a friend whom he helped. I have been treating my arthritis fro 10 months twice a week it has lessoned and combined with the nutrition he has recommended with the elimination of wheat flour foods I feel like I have taken charge once again of my life. I’m so grateful to Dr. Martinez and staff for such professionalism.

– Marta Melendez – Little Rock, Arkansas

“Hello my name is Juan Carlos Coronel. Prior to coming to Dr. Martinez I work as a mechanic and I’m constantly in contortionists positions and through the years I have messed my back. Dr. Martinez took x-rays and I have scoliosis, degenerative discs and subluxation. I couldn’t believe after 1 year of coming to him I’m working more comfortably and my pain has reduced tremendously.”

– Juan Carlos Coronel – Russellville, Arkansas

“Hello my name is Bill Cook and I hurt my back 35 years ago as a paratrooper in the Army. I broke my back in 3 places in the jungle of Central America. The medica told me I had also broken ribs. Dr. Martinez recommended decompression table and acupuncture for almost a year now and my back feels so much better.”

– Bill Cook – Conway, Arkansas

“Hello my name is Jose Torres and I’m a body shop repair guy and I’m always on my feet. I got a foot scan (x-ray for my feet) and my arch was collapsing and we ordered foot levelers and that helped with my aching back and neck. I’m also doing decompression and acupuncture on my back for 1 year now which I suffer from subluxation and degenerative disk. I’m a satisfied patient and I recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone who may be in pain. You too don’t have to live with pain!”

– Jose Torres – Little Rock, Arkansas