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Looking For Nutrition Services?

Chiropractic Conway AR Nutrition

We are what we consume!!

Yes food is medicine and some bad food is bad medicine. That doesn't mean spoiled food but food that does supply a plus energy or a minus energy to our bodies. In short, food is matter and matter is made of tiny particles, which have protons, neutrons and electrons. It's these electrons, which supply the energetics for chemicals in our body.

Nutrition Testing in Conway AR

To learn more we can test you in our office TODAY for foods that are not allowing you to heal or feel your best. These foods normally bloat you and slow down your metabolism causing unexplained weight gain. These foods aren't always what we think of as junk food (candy, coke, cupcakes, etc.) in some cases it is a healthy food but this foods energy does not transfer completely to your body and makes you feel sluggish, or even fatigue.

How would you know? Get checked? It's as easy as that. As an open invitation call our office today to set a FREE consultation to learn more about how Dr. Michael Martinez uses his expertise in nutrition to heal our patients quicker here at Martinez Chiropractic in Conway.



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What Our Patients Say

"I couldn’t believe after 1 year of coming to Dr. Martinez I’m working more comfortably and my pain has reduced tremendously."

- Juan Carlos Coronel

"I’m a satisfied patient and I recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone who may be in pain. You too don’t have to live with pain!"

- Jose Torres

"I’m grateful for Dr. Martinez’s attention and compassion for my condition that he has corrected. I now can work comfortably and get back to living!"

- Hector Estrada

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